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Workshop on Latin and Ancient Greek Didactics

To sign up for the workshop on the first day please fill this form.

To sign up for the taster sessions in active Latin and Greek, pease fill this form.


4-5 May 2024, Jesus College, Oxford

This two-day workshop aims to bring together individuals and institutions who, through research, classroom practice, or public engagement activities are working to make the study of classical languages more effective and widely available. The focus will be on ‘communicative’ or ‘active’ approaches. Speakers will share their experiences, the challenges they have faced, and their outcomes. Others will speak about the historical development of ancient language didactics and how this rich history can inform modern practices. The first day will feature 20–40-minute talks (in English or Latin), followed by a Q&A session. On the second day, workshop participants will conduct demonstrations of active teaching methodologies. Among these presentations will be the Reading Ancient Schoolroom – a recreation of an ancient school, directed by Prof. Eleanor Dickey and supported by her meticulous research – that enables modern students and academics to experience ancient teaching practices first-hand (learn more about it here).

Who is this workshop aimed at?

  • Scholars interested in the didactics of Ancient languages

  • School and university-level language teachers interested in exploring and potentially adopting new approaches.

  • Students who are interested in pursuing the study of a classical language or more experienced students who wish to experience how an active or communicative approach functions.

The workshop is organized by three Oxford-based entities collaborating to explore and implement active language teaching methodologies: Oxford Latinitas, Jesus College, Oxford, and the Oxford Ancient Languages Society.

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