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The Oxford Ancient Languages Society

We are a student-run society at Oxford that exists for the promotion of the active use of ancient languages. We offer classes open to all students and teachers at the university as well as reading groups and other social activities. Our site can also be accessed in Latin, select the drop-down box at the top-right of the page!



We are delighted to announce the second seminar in its new series, Lumen Litterarum, a forum for both new and established scholars to present, in Latin or Greek, their work on any subject relating to classical studies. This week’s meeting will provide a rare opportunity to hear a talk in Classical Greek, which will be presented by Oroel Marcuello (Universidad de Zaragoza), on ‘The Fallacy of the Selenites: the dangers of psychological comparison between ancients and moderns’. (An abstract found here.) The event will take place at 19.00 on Thursday 22 February and will be held exclusively on line; you can join via this link. We hope to see many of you at what promises to be an insightful and entertaining talk! 


We currently offer in-person group classes to any student or teacher at the university. These range from beginner Latin and Greek to reading classes. All of these are taught in the active method, meaning plenty of speaking!



You can read some of our writings right here on our website.

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