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Elementary Latin


Elementary Greek

Wednesday, 11-12; Friday, 11-12; Lecturer's Suite, Jesus College

These classes are for those who have had no previous experience in Latin. They will be taught using Ørberg’s Familia Romana, a textbook in Latin you may have had the opportunity to see at our taster sessions, along with some fun exercises for practising grammar and vocabulary.

This is the third term of beginner's ancient Greek. We've been using 'Logos' as our textbook. This term we will start from Chapter 15 and progress as far as we can over the course of the term. The course is open to both continuers from the previous two terms and those with knowledge of ancient Greek who who arelooking to use it in an 'active' setting.

Tuesday and Friday, 13:00-14:00; Classics Faculty, Room 42. (31 May Room TBD)

Intermediate-Advanced Latin I

Monday and Thursday, 12-13;  Memorial Room, Worcester College (2, 13 May, 13 June in Morley Fletcher Room)

On Mondays we’ll start by taking a look at the Pro Archia, the humanists’ favourite of Cicero’s orations. On Thursdays we’ll continue our tour of Pre-Classical Latin. Other readings and grammatical revisions will be mixed in on both days, and suggestions are welcomed.

Intermediate Greek



Intermediate-Advanced Latin II

Wednesday, 12:00; Online

This intermediate-advanced reading group will focus on Cicero for this term.

Vergil Reading Group

Tuesday, 19:00; Seminar Room A, Worcester College, and online

Every Tuesday evening during term we gather, both in person and online, to read and discuss Virgil’s Aeneid—all in Latin. Everyone is welcome and, while you’ll need enough Latin to be able to follow the text, it’s not at all necessary to be a fluent speaker already: new members sometimes begin by just listening, to gain confidence, and in any case we all make (and learn from) mistakes occasionally. If you have any questions or would like to join the group, please email Beth or Cinna.

Regular Socials

Noctes Musarum

Saturdays, 19:00, Weeks I, III, V, VII;
contact for address

The Noctes Musarum are a well-established tradition. They are evenings devoted to conversation, singing and playing games in Ancient Greek and Latin. Refreshments are available for all participants.

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